This is just about the most comprehensive and up-to-date how-to handbook on automotive airbrushing and kustom graphics you'll ever want to own !
Keep it on hand as a reference tool or read it from cover to cover. With a wide range of topics from basic layout and simple fades to the most advanced airbrush effects used by the industry experts today, this easy-to-use manual has dozens of techniques and insights for artists and car kustomisers at every level of expertise.
You'll learn : realistic granite and stone F/X, wood graining techniques, tribal design layout, tribal flames, carbon fibre effect, biomechanical design, 'hot rod' flame layout, full hood mural fantasy demo, space, nebula and planet mural effects, skull layouts/freehand and with stencils, chrome F/X, cloud F/X, checker graphics / furled and standard, ripped metal effect and much,much more !
It is an excellent addition to the arsenal of any professional and a must-have for beginners.
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