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With more than 80 colour and 40 black/white photographs, this book vividly displays the hottest Camaros of all time. This thorough history and stunning photos are complemented by performance figures, comparison charts plus option and engine data.
The story starts in the mid-1960's, with Chevrolet working on the Panther prototype, an answer to the faithful's call for performance cars. The Panther name was dropped in favour of Camaro, and GM debuted the new musclecar in 1967. The book goes on to chronicle the wild cars of the musclecar era, including some of the most powerful factory-built machines ever created - SS396s, Z28s, COPOs and more. From there it's into the 1970s, when the Camaro sold record numbers as one of the few performance cars in a fuel-economy-conscious world.
Through the ' 80s and into the 1990s when the new Z28 SS rekindled musclecar memories, it's all here ! By Steve Statham,

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