If chopped and channelled ' 34s with Bonneville-style streamlined noses,
T-buckets with Model A frames, or Norm Grabowski's "Kookie-car" from the vintage TV programme 77 Sunset Strip boils your blood, then this book will make it rage !

Discover the iron, attitude and designs that make fenderless highboy T-bodies on 1929 Ford chassis, 1932 Deuce Roadsters pumped by 1940 8BA flatheads and Hemi-powered 1934 coupes shooting the flats at Bonneville, into classic hot rods.

Author Bo Bertilsson, a long-time hot rodder, steeps you in hot rod lore ranging from profiles of traditonal hot rodders like Tom Prufer, Pete Eastwood & Vern Tardel, to the traditions of hot rods on the salt flats or at the crown jewel of rodder-prestige, the annual Oakland Roadster Show.
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