" So you're hooked on traditional '29 highboy roadsters but not quite sure what they really looked like or how you should go about building one ?
Okay...well, take it from one who's owned one, photographed hundreds of them during my years with Hot Rod magazine and Rod & Custom, and travelled from L.A. to Detroit in Bud Bryan's flathead-powered '29 roadster:
I gotta tell you, this book is like finding gold in your back yard ! " Mike and Vern have put together the finest how-to hot rod book I have ever read. Coupled with outasight cutaway illustrations by Steve Amos, plus great detailed photography, this book is a must-buy for any true would-be roadster builder who is interested in the ' 50s look.
" The book's contents take you from ground zero to finished roadster, including running gear and flathead engine buildup, plus paint, upholstery and top building tips - the way they were many moons ago. Stroker looked at the book and gave it two thumbs-up, and he knows ' 29 roadsters."
Tom Medley ( and Stroker, too... )


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£ 21.95
Yes please !
Europe including airmail
£ 23.95
Yes please !