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Latest Update 21th August

Yes, we do have a Facebook page in the name American Auto Mags. It's another way to get info.,to you and
another opportunity for dialogue so, if you would go on and 'Like' us, I would really appreciate that.

If you go on the HAMB, you may have noticed that Ryan has published JALOPY JOURNAL, the book.
Following several discussions with him, I am thrilled to announce I have secured the exclusive rights to sell it over here in the UK and Europe!

If you want to order it for collection at the NASC Street Rod Nats, you can,
alternatively we can post a copy out to you. I've kept the pricing VERY keen on this and I can tell you that
whether you are buying it at one of the shows OR we're sending it to you,
subject to the exchange rate fluctuations, it will cost you less than buying it direct !

As some of you will know, my ( old ) computer committed suicide several weeks ago and everything came to a halt !
We've been down, in every sense of the word.. I didn't panic but I wasn't happy.
Well, now I have a new computer and thanks to James / Lewis in Winsford and more particularly
my son Cameron,
I am very pleased to let you all know, WE'RE BACK. and getting up-to-date again so, ENJOY . . . .