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It's the 28th November and I've finished the Update.

Isn't it good to see a proper rod on the cover of Hot Rod !!
car craft jan2019 150     hot rod jan2019 150      mcr dec2018 150
and the first magazine to include a wall calendar for next year is . . . . . Super Chevy !!!!
Incidentally, the December issue of MCG disappeared somewhere in New York
( I've re-ordered it ) so you're looking at the Jan '19 that's just arrived.
mmthly dec2018 150
     mcg jan2019 150     chp jan2019 150     sch jan2019 150

I'm sure you're familiar with the two middle titles in the line below but
probably not so much with Rodding USA and Hill Country.
At different ends of the price scale they may be, but they both, in their different ways,
add to your
appreciation and understanding of the real-life scene.  
You really should try a copy; you'll be pleased you did !

rusa n35 150     street rodder jan2019 150     hot vws dec2018 150     hill country novdec2018 150
more when I've had my dinner !!

right, I'm back.
We had a problem with the Scale Auto publishers but hopefully it's getting sorted.
Same with Drag Illustrated but that has been resolved and the magazine is coming through
regularly and on time now. If your interest stretches beyond Yanks, rods and dragsters,
you'll probably enjoy the 'fastest cars from around the world' feature in Motor Trend.
There's some very interesting reading in there !
scale auto dec2018 150     drag ill november2018 150     classc jan2019 150     mot dec2018 150

Hopefully, this issue of diesel Power will make some Christmas dreams come true,
personally, I love looking at the brand new trucks in Truck Trend.
Although Lowrider may cater to a tiny minority of enthusiasts, I'm still enthralled, after all these years !

low rider jan2019 150     dp jan2019 150     jp jan2019 150     truckt jan feb2019 150

Before you ask, yes, there is a calendar with this issue of Classic American !

pandkg dec jan2019 150     classam dec2018 150     street machine dec2018 150



14th November 2018

I've added more today, so just scroll down,

F-100 bldrs gde n3 150     hr december 2018 150     mmcs december2018 150     mcr november2018 150

mmff december2018 150     mmthly november2018 150


sr december 2018 150    gde to bldg a sr 2018 150    classt january2019 150    streett october2018 150


 This one has proved to be a favourite with the ladies,
vct sept oct2018 150
and if you were a Burt Reynolds fan, you may need to have this,
ponchop october2018 150

and here are the rest.

classc december2018 150     hemmings december2018 150     diecast winter2019 150     contest cars 2018 150

 sch december2018 150     vette jan2019 150     mot november2018 150    

 hot vws november2018 150     truckin v44 n13 150     dp december2018 150

 25th October 2018
A few more just to catch up !
Just have to compliment Gasser Wars on the most  exciting covers.

mmcs november2018 150     mcr october2018 150     hot vws october2018 150     ratrod aug sept2018 150

mmff november2018 150     mcg november2018 150     mom december2018 150     gw n116 150   

 classc november2018 150     customc november2018 150      classam november2018 150

22nd July 2018
Came home yesterday afternoon
and look what was waiting for me on the doorstep,
hot rodding intl #10 600

 In this issue you'll also find an eight page feature on the work of Ian Guy, the UK auto artist, ten pages on Andy Saunders' latest creation based on a 1937 Cord and 12 pages devoted to the 2017 EuroNats and NSRA SuperNats.
At 208 glossy, full colour pages, full of photos, this is actually a book not a magazine.
and it's one you'll keep going back to, time after time !