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4th December 2017
Another new book in stock !
1960-1964 Full-Size Ford Restoration 150


30th November 2017

Just two books added tonight but lots more to come.
If you're looking for a particular title, call me !

mopar small block engines 150      mopar b body resto 150


24th November 2017
Just in, from Australia, with coverage 
of this year's EuroNats & NSRA SuperNats
australian sr dec2017 150

 22nd November 2017
Never mind Christmas, what's really important is, the new SHELBY Annual has arrived !!
shelby 2017 150    mmff jan2018 150    mmthly dec2017 150

Some of these cover pics are stunning, aren't they ?
Good to see rods on the front of Hot Rod and not just hopped up late model street cars.

cc jan2018 150
    hot rod jan2018 150    mcr dec2017 150   mmcs dec2017 150 

and here's another couple for the rodders . 
You get the free wall calendar with this issue of Street Rodder

ckd n85 dec2017 150     sr jan2018 150

ponchop oct2017 150    chp jan2018 150    sch jan2018 150
orgot to say, there's a wall calendar with Super Chevy !!

If you want to know all about the new models,
you'll find it all in here !

mot dec2017 150     truckt jan feb2018 150

classt jan2018 150    mcg jan2018 150    lr jan2018 150    classc jan2018 150

and before you ask, yes, there is a calendar with this issue of Classic American !

hemmings dec2017 150    classam dec2017 150


17th November 2017

The new BIG book by Vern Tardel.
My order is in and I'm HOPING to have them in for Christmas delivery.
If you want to  reserve one, you can and we'll all keep our fingers crossed.
Just click on the pic for more info
hot rod your model a 150

14th November 2017
Over 125 pages, a b/w or colour pic on every page,
slingshots in the 60s . . . . . nah, guess no-one will be interested

slingshot dragsters 150

13th November 2017

customc december2017 150    street machine november2017 150

11th November 2017

gm turbo 350 trans 150    high perf diffs 150    chevy diffs 150     ford diffs 150  

10th November 2017

and another three get onsite !

building hot rods 150    so cal hr chassis 150    complete builders guide 150

8th November 2017

how to paint flames 150    how to pinstripe 150    advanced pinstripe art 150

7th November 2017

customc december2017 150    contest cars 2017 150    diecast winter2018 150

hot rod body 150    how to build a traditional ford hot rod 150

 6th November 2017

ford 351 cleveland 150   how to rebuild the small block ford 150     ht rbid bb ford engines 150    ford midsize muscle 150

5th November 2017

SCTA book 1    bonneville, acenturyof speed 150
how to paint your car 150    auto paint from prep to final 150    selling the american muscle car 150    Ford Flathead Engines; How to Rebuild and Modify 150

1st November
just added . . . 
how to build max perf chevy sb on a budget 150    small block chevrolet, stock and hp 150    how to build big inch chevy small blocks 150    chevrolet small block bible 150

chevy diffs 150    chevrolet inline six cylinder power manual


31st October 2017

 Thinking of getting an old Ford Pickup ?
Here's your reference source !!

complete book of for pups 150


30th October 2017

We had five copies of  this on the counter at the SuperNats.
All five were bought before lunchtime.
Essentially, the first five people who browsed the book, bought it !!
And now I've got another five copies in stock . . . . 

match race mayhem 150

26th October 2017
It's taken me all day to do this update
but I think it's worth it, hope you do too !
osr n85 jan2018 150    rh n13 150    sr dec2017 150    vct sept oct2017 150

f100 bldrs gde 2017 150    mmff dec2017 150    mmthly nov2017 150

 hr dec2017 150    mcr nov2017 150   mmcs nov2017 150  

chryslerp dec2017 150    moa dec2017 150    mcg dec2017 150    mom jan2018 150

ponchop sept2017 150    sch dec2017 150    vette jan2018 150    drag il aug2017 150

classc dec2017 150    hemmings nov2017 150    mot nov2017 150   truckt nov dec2017 150 

 25th October 2017

Hey, all you Mopar people - it's back !!
moa dec2017 150
Yes, after disappearing in the summer of 2016, it's back.
.  New publishers, some of your favourite journalists
and all of the same ballsy attitude !!!

19th October 2017

I've started a new page called Americana Books and
these are the first ones in it.

barn find road trip 150    cubas car culture 150    route 66 barn find road trip 150


 18th October 2017
ol kool n7 150
It's been months since the last issue but when the editor/ publisher has a day job as well,
these things take time !!  Produced in Finland but published in both languages
it shows there's plenty of creativity in Europe !!

15th October 2017
4 bangers and me 150
Brand new edition in stock now !
Colour photos and a proper spine, not wire spiral.