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     OK this is where I show you all the new issues of the magazines, as I get them.
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19th October 2017

I've started a new page called Americana Books and
these are the first ones in it.

barn find road trip 150    cubas car culture 150    route 66 barn find road trip 150


 18th October 2017
ol kool n7 150
It's been months since the last issue but when the editor/ publisher has a day job as well,
these things take time !!  Produced in Finland but published in both languages
it shows there's plenty of creativity in Europe !!

15th October 2017
4 bangers and me 150
Brand new edition in stock now !
Colour photos and a proper spine, not wire spiral.

12th October 2017

These are now, all the magazines that I didn't have time to put up before I went in hospital,
so now I'm up to date!

classc nov2017 150    coll auto dec2017 150

drag ill july2017 150    dr nov2017 150    gw n110 150

classam oct 2017 150    customc nov2017 150    street mc oct2017 150

lr dec2017 150    mot oct2017 150    pandkg oct nov2017 150     scale auto oct2017 150

mmff nov2017 150    mom dec2017 150    mcg nov2017 150    poncho perf aug2017 150

chp nov2017 150    car craft dec2017 150    mcr october2017 150


1st October 2017

rj n76 150     hop up v13n2 150  

hrd nov2017 150    tradrandk n51 150    rusa n28 150    sr nov2017 150

hill country sept oct 2017 150    ckd n84 oct2017 150     hot rod nov2017 150   ki n50

mmthly oct2017 150 


18th September 2017
HOP UP is here !
Yes, the one you've been waiting for, with the Pendine feature,
 is now in stock
.hop up v13n2 150
It's a 12 page photo feature with 60 colour pics from the event.

 25th May 2017

Surprise, surprise !!
Yes, it's in stock !!


here's the first pic !
It's in stock right now !!

hop up v13n1 large



9th May 2017
IN STOCK . . . . . NOW !!
HRI n9 600

8th May 2017
We sold out of our first shipment, in five minutes
at the VHRA Drags !
I've ordered some more, which should arrive in the next few days.
You can reserve one right now !!
Isky small


In stock NOW

you can order on the Rod & Custom Books page.

bonneville, acenturyof speed 600

23rd March

I've only got a couple of copies in stock, but I've ordered more !!
. . . . .they've just told me that they're not selling this wholesale anymore
so I'll have to pay retail !!!
When these two have sold, the price will be going up !!
french flathead v8bigsmall