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addition, 13th March

Realised that I'd not included Collectible Auto in the last Update, so I've done it now.
Because of problems at the publishers, we've actually received both the Feb and April issues
together.  Today I've put the February issue up so you have a chance to look at it,
next week, I'll put the April one onsite.  Enjoy !
coll auto feb2019 150

Delivery 7th March 2019

A lot of new issues came in today so I'll have to upload in stages !

First of all, the big news !!
We're thrilled to announce that as of now, we'll be bringing in to the UK,
dredge jan2019 150

If you're not familiar with the magazine, go on their website and check it out.
Six times a year, edited by John DiBartolomeo, excellent.
I was feeling miserable about Drag Racer disappearing, now I'm not !!

OK let's carry on with the Mustangs and muscle cars.

mmthly mar2019 150     mmff april2019 150

 car craft may2019 150     hr april2019 150     mcr march2019 150

Now we come to the rods and kustoms and
here's where everyone goes in their own direction !

hot vws march2019 150     ki n55 150     osr n93 may2019 150    

ratrod n53 150    sr april2019 150     vct janfeb2019 150

and on we go to the mighty GM,
Happy Birthday Camaro !

chp may2019 150     sch april2019 150     vette may2019 150

Mopar Muscle is the glossier of the two magazines but
I know a lot of people really like the substantial classified section
featured in Mopar collectors Guide.

mcg april2019 150     mom may2019 150

If you like a bed behind you, a cargo bed, that is, take your pick here,

classt may2019 150     truckin may2019 150    dp april2019 150     jp may2019 150  

Despite the internet, Hemmings continues to flourish. 
What do you want / need ?  yes, it'll be in there!

hemmings april2019 150     lr may2019 150     scale auto april2019 150      mot april2019 150


25th Feb 2019 

Well, what a warm weather weekend !
Today we have an all England, oops, all UK, day !

classam march2019 150     customc april2019 150     street machine march2019 150

20th February 2019

Just a bit of news for you.  
The publishers in Australia have told me that the new issue, # 11
is being sent out this week !  I have to bring this in by surface mail
to keep the cost reasonable so it will be a few weeks before we get hold of it.
However, I can show you the front cover and I can tell you that
last year's Nostalgia Nats is featured.
If you'd like me to reserve a copy for you, just let me know.
HRI #11