In the 1960's the blown gassers were some of the most exciting and most publicized racers in
drag racing. Drag racing fans were eager to see racers like Stone-Woods-Cook, George Montgomery, K.S. Pittman, Junior Thompson, Jack Merkel, John Mazmanian, The Mallicoat Bros., Paul Frost,
Bones-Dubach-Pisano, the Kohler Bros., Skip Hess Eddie Sanzo, Jim Oddy, Bob Chipper, Gene Ciambella and many, many others.
The blown gasser history covers the time period from 1960 to 1975. In the early years the blown gas coupes were the fastest stock bodied cars on the drag strips. The racers generated large amounts of publicity with ads, challenges, accusations and charges, plus some great racing.
The magazines and drag racing papers wrote often about blown gasser competitors. Many of these competitors profited as match racers. "Supercharged Gas Coupes" explains how and why the Supercharged Gas Coupe classes were set up.
The guys, cars, rules and performances are discussed and the engine-transmission combinations are described. The book also shows the evolution of the car styles in the Supercharged Gas Coupe classes including Fords, Chevys, Willys', Anglias, Mustangs, Austins, Opels and others. "Supercharged Gas Coupes" takes a look at some of drag racing's most memorable times.

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